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Big Brother. Since the first ever episode back in July 2000, we have watched 489 Housemates throughout 1,628 days. Each of their movements and sounds captured by cameras and microphones. Big Brother is the worlds most upfront and controversial reality show and has been sold to over 60 countries worldwide. Here in the UK, the seventeenth series of Celebrity Big Brother is getting ready to kick off.

What is Big Brother?

Big Brother originated in the Netherlands, created by Endemol. The series sees a group of strangers – known as ‘Housemates – enter a specially constructed House for around three months. The Housemates live in total confinement. They are cut off from the outside world and are not permitted contact with any friends or family or loved one. The only contact they have is with Big Brother. Housemates are filmed inside the House 24 hours a day, with everything they say and do recorded.

What about Celebrity Big Brother?

Celebrity Big Brother started back in 2001 as a charity event for Comic Relief. Throughout the mini-series, 6 celebrities lived in the Big Brother House together and played the game for just 8 days. Since then, Celebrity Big Brother has become a regular event with two series a year airing around the main event. Celebrity Big Brother has created some of the most controversial moments in the shows history as well as producing some of the highest viewing figures.


While inside the Big Brother House, Housemates must nominate others to face eviction. Housemates nominate in secret in the Diary Room and are required to give full and honest reasons for their nominations. Sometimes, Big Brother will give Housemates face to face nominations or play their nominations into the House. Big Brother will announce to the House who faces eviction.


Housemates who have been nominated for eviction face the public vote. The public vote for whoever they want to either save or evict, depending on the series. The announcement on who has been evicted is made live during a special live eviction show hosted by Emma Willis on Channel 5. The evicted Housemate is then told to leave the House and is interviewed about their time in the House.


While in the House, Housemates are required to take part in special weekly tasks which can last for two days in order to win a shopping budget. If the Housemates pass the task they win a luxury shopping budget for the week. If they fail, they have a basic shopping budget. Big Brother will also set mini-tasks or secret tasks during the week for individual Housemates or the group.


  • 1. There is no contact with the outside world. This includes the internet, newspapers, phone calls and conversations with anyone outside the House except for Big Brother.
  • 2. You are filmed 24 hours a day and must wear your personal microphones at all times.
  • 3. The Diary Room is the only place in the House where Big Brother will engage in a conversation with you. Visits to the Diary Room are compulsory.
  • 4. When requested you will be required to go to the Diary Room and nominate – you must give frank and honest reasons for your nominations. You are not permitted to discuss your nominations or try to influence anyone else’s nominations.
  • 5. The public will decide who is evicted.
  • 6. You must not threaten or use physical violence towards any other Housemate.
  • 7. Big Brother will intervene and may remove you from the House if you break the rules, threaten or use physical violence, or behave in an unacceptable way that could cause serious offence to any other Housemate or to the viewing public.
  • 8. All tasks are compulsory.
  • 9. You may not move any of the furniture, or tamper with any of the fixtures and fittings.
  • 10. You must get up whenever you hear the alarm.
  • 11. You may not discuss any previous series of Big Brother or Celebrity Big Brother or Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack. You may not discuss any members of the Production.

Big Brother reserves the right to change the rules at any time.