When Big Brother 24/7 was first set up in July 2011, I had no idea that the website would grow into what it has at this point in time. I started out with a fairly basic website built on a free website builder, but that was enough to give me the platform I needed.

Since then, the website has grown each year with increasing visitors and followers on social media. However, I’m writing this today to talk about an incident that occurred on Friday 17th April, Saturday 18th April and Sunday 19th April 2015. On Friday afternoon, Big Brother 24/7 was targeted by an unknown user that proceeded to create fake user profiles and spoof profiles of @bbuk247. These accounts were used to send abuse and hurtful comments towards myself and my co-admin. My co-admin was then targeted with personal images from an Instagram account, that were posted on Twitter.

Later on, I was targeted with my personal address posted on Twitter alongside harsh comments that were deeply distressing. These messages were stopped later in the evening after an intervention.

On Sunday 19th April, the user returned to Twitter to continue the abusive messages. The messages were extremely disturbing and caused distress to both myself and my co-admin yet again, with the two of us being accused of being racist and homophobic – which neither of us condone, and are 100% against. We do not tolerate racism or homophobia and we are both supporters of any ethnicity and sexuality.

As the user continued, we were then targeted through DM on Twitter with even worse messages and threats. The user eventually deleted his account after a very serious accusation towards my co-admin.

Big Brother 24/7 was set up to give the latest and most reliable news on Big Brother that is available, and to receive such horrible and disturbing messages towards us has given us both a fright, and disturbed us deeply. We have no idea what provoked the user to begin such a disgusting personal attack. We are deeply saddened that anybody would create multiple accounts to target the both of us. As a result of these attacks, we will be monitoring the Big Brother 24/7 Twitter account with an even closer eye, and minimizing our interaction with followers until we are able to find out who was behind the accounts. We would both like to thank our supporters that have helped to stop the accounts throughout this weekend.

Thank you,

Jarrod and David


WARNING: In the case the fake Twitter accounts return, these are the Twitter Handles that were in use and are likely to reappear:

If any of these accounts do reappear and you notice them, please inform us on Twitter or via our contact form on our website and report the accounts.