BBAU: Latest Nominations Bombshell

Friendships have been flung out the window in a ruthless round of Nominations, where Housemates bypassed the Chamber in favour of firing their Nominations from a fancy office set-up in the Diary Room. Each HM wrote down their Nominations, explained their reasoning to Big Brother, and then sealed their choices away in their ‘personal file’.

Jade’s Superpower as ‘The Auditor’ meant she could choose the files of three HMs, see who they voted for and then select one to destroy. “You will shred it, making their Nomination redundant,” BB explained … Jade was stunned. “That’s pretty exciting; that’s huge!” she responded. And so it was time to get down to business…

In the most cutthroat round of Nominations yet, backstabbing was rampant as mates turned on mates and the whole House became enemy territory.

Despite declaring he’s lost heart in playing the game, Tim was in fine form, even Nominating his House bestie Drew for two points. “He’s done it; he’s Nominated one of his friends,” Tim declared.

But Tim wasn’t the only one to add friends to their target list; Tahan voted for Ed and not archrival Jade (saved by the Superpower perhaps?), and poor Ben was Nominated by a few HMs to push other potential Nominees to Eviction. “Why are people Nominating their friends?” Auditor Jade wondered out loud as she looked at Tim, Tahan and Ben’s files, deciding to shred Tim’s Nominations in the end.

The three biggest players copped the top points; Tahan on eight points, Tim on seven points and Ben on four points. But it wasn’t that cut and dry, Drew and Ed were tied with Ben on four points and BB added them to the hit list. Five out of the seven Housemates were up for Eviction (all the boys and Tahan), and to make matters worse, “No swaps, no saves, no tricks. Nominations are final,” BB nailed it home.

“When he was like, ‘Tahan, Ben, Tim,’ I was like, bring it on! This is what we’ve always wanted,” Tim proclaimed, ready to go up against who the HMs believe are the strongest competitors. “He could pull the double [Eviction] with these type of numbers,” Drew then warned.

Meanwhile, Jade couldn’t believe her (bad) luck, having been unable to save her prince. She retreated to the Kitchen and berated herself for not Nominating more strategically. “It could have been a power three – Tim, Tahan and Ben,” she reflected. “And now none of them are going home. It’ll be Ed or Drew,” she predicted. Hang on, isn’t that exactly who self-proclaimed Eviction Prophet Tim voted for? Uh oh!

“It’s like a dog-eat-dog world in here,” Boog then commented on the ferocity of Nominations, having come in to join Jade in the Kitchen. “Only for some people,” Jade replied rather coldly. “I play for friendship. [Tahan] plays because she’s here to win and doesn’t care who she treads on.”

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