Big Eye Returns To Big Brother 24/7!

I’m so excited to be returning this Summer for my third year of presenting the Big Brother 24/7 podcast. This year we’ve got a cracker of a podcast lined up for you!!

Alot has happened for me since I last blogged, having been accepted as a Journalist of Australian Media Outlet “Express Media’s” The Under Age, which is an invaluable opportunity and I’m enjoying having a taste of what it’s like to be a journalist, and visiting the Big Brother Studios at Dreamworld in Australia, I have managed to find the time to return to my original roots right here at Big Brother 24/7!

This year sitewise we envisioned stepping up with a slick new look, and Big Brother 24/7’s Big Eye will most certainly be following this vision. However, as always we will be maintaining the basis of the show that is “the fan’s show” and of course we’ll be having a range of artists coming up to promote.

The team here at Big Brother 24/7 is a strong an dedicated one, and I personally cannot wait to step back into our radio show, and create a platform for all Big Brother fans alike. That has always been the envisionment of our Head Admin Jarrod, it’s a big responsibilty being “The Voice of Big Brother 24/7” and holding the credibility of the website.

Take a listen to our advert for Big Eye right here:

After last year’s success of Big Brother Secrets and Lies I cannot wait for Big Brother: Power Trip! Bring on the Summer!!!


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