C4 Boss on Big Brother: “I think that it’s found a good home on C5”

Channel 4’s boss has spoken out about Big Brother – saying it’s found a good home on Channel 5

Channel 4’s chief, Jay Hunt, has revealed that she thinks Big Brother has found a good home on Channel 5. Hunt became the chief of the channel in January 2011 – five months after the final of Ultimate Big Brother on Channel 4 – and has said that C4 is better off in its “post-BB era”.

However, she still said that Big Brother has a place in British television. When quizzed about the performance of the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother on BBC Radio 5 last Tuesday, she said: “To be honest, I’m genuinely not a Big Brother fan, so I haven’t watched a huge amount. I came to Channel 4 because Big Brother wasn’t gonna be there.

“Clearly from the success you can see it’s had on C5, there are still people who love it. I’m not sure if it’s up on last year, it’s done well and they’ve got good casting in it, but I’m very clear that we’re here to do something else.

“Of course there’ll be a place for Big Brother, but I think that it’s found a good home on C5.”

Big Brother originally aired on Channel 4 between 2000 and 2010 – where 11 civilian editions and 7 Celebrity editions were produced, alongside three special series. The show was axed in 2009 before airing their final editions – Celebrity Big Brother 7, Big Brother 11 and Ultimate Big Brother – in 2010. Big Brother then moved to Channel 5 in April 2011, and began its first run on the channel in August 2011 with the eighth Celebrity Big Brother.

Since the move, Big Brother has had four civilian runs and a staggering eight Celebrity editions. The show continues to allow Channel 5 to beat Channel 4 in the ratings – the most recent being the triumph in ratings over Cucumber.

The most recent run of Celebrity Big Brother became the most watched since Celebrity Big Brother 7 in 2010, with 2.7 Million tuning in on average unofficially. The official average is due next Monday.

Big Brother returns in June for the sixteenth civilian run.


Taken from bbspy: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb15/news/0209/channel-4-boss-jay-hunt-concedes-celebrity-big-brother-has-found-good-home-on-5-2015

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