Day 1: Endemol reject Irish bid for Celebrity Big Brother

Endemol have reportedly rejected a bit from Irish broadcaster TV3 to air the new series of Celebrity Big Brother

Endemol has turned down a seven-figure bid from Irish TV channel TV3 for the rights to air the new series of Celebrity Big Brother in Ireland.

According to The Sun, the network made a bid worth over €1 Million to air the show, but was rejected as the “show already has a lot of Irish viewers”.

The Newspaper’s source said: “The offer was more than a million for Celebrity Big Brother, but maker Endemol turned it down. TV3 thought it would be worth it, especially this year with all the big names going into it. But they didn’t want to sell it to an Irish station because they get a lot of Irish viewers.”

A TV3 insider added: “The bosses are looking at loads of different shows, but Celebrity Big Brother was one they were interested in for sure. Just because it didn’t work out this year doesn’t mean it’s not something we won’t be following up in the future.”

Channel 5 are the ones who own the rights to produce Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother in the UK and Ireland,and does accept Irish applicants for the show. However despite the claim of a high Irish viewership, Channel 5 does not officially broadcast in Ireland.

Celebrity Big Brother kicks off tonight at 9pm.

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