Day 1: Housemates take part in first turf war battle live

Big Brother has delivered the first battle of the series.

Earlier tonight, Big Brother gathered all of the Housemates to the sofas to reveal that the first battle of the series was about to begin. Big Brother announced that the two nation would be going head to head in a turf war battle.

The winners of the turf war will be crowned the winning nation and will be able to fly their flag above the Big Brother House. For the losing nation, there will be severe consequences waiting for them. In the garden stood a large cannon and pictures of all the Housemates.

The task was to knock over pictures of the opposing team with the cannon. Gail was first and knocked down the head of Fatman Scoop. Austin then took a shot, missing a Housemate picture completely.

Natasha was next to take part and missed the image. Farah took the next shot and hit a image but failed to knock down the head. Chris was next and missed the image. Jenna took a shot next and missed the images.

Chloe and Stevi were next to take part in the task. They hit one of the images down. Scoop was next to take part in the task and knocked down an image. James was next to take part and knocked down an image. Tia then took part and failed to hit a head.

Sherrie was the final member from Team UK to take a shot but missed the image. Daniel took the final shot for Team USA and missed the image. This means that Team UK won the task and the British flag was raised in the garden. They also won a party for the evening. Not all of Team USA were invited to the party and only three were able to join the UK Housemates.

The three Housemates who were not welcome at the party were banished to the tower. Farah, Daniel and Scoop are now banished to the tower until further notice.

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