Day 10: Chelsea denies his connection with Jayne outside the House

Chelsea has denied his connection with Jayne outside of the House.

On tonight’s highlights show, Chelsea denies his connection with Jayne outside of the Big Brother House. It was revealed last night that the duo had previously “snogged” and that Chelsea had approached Jayne for a romantic relationship.

Jayne however told Chelsea that she didn’t want the relationship. Chelsea has now denied his connection with Jayne to his fellow Others in the Other House.

During the show, Chelsea denies to Alex that he and Jayne have a connection and that they are just mates. Jayne walks in and Chelsea and Jayne argue over their connection.“When all that kicked off…You told me that you were single…why are you lying to me?”

“I said it was complicated…We are mates and nothing more and we never have been”

Later, Jayne talks to Big Brother in the Other Diary Room: “I do feel that he’s not being 100 per cent honest…I am going to be in a constant battle with him…I feel he’s making a bit of an idiot about himself.”

Later, while talking about Jayne, Chelsea says “Shall I tell you a secret; she slept with John Terry…Sven-Göran Eriksson as well. She went to the newspapers and sold story…She knows I’ve got a couple of quid and what she wanted to do a kiss and tell with me. But guess what? I told her to f^%k off.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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