Day 10: Housemates complete puppet shopping task

Housemates have completed their puppet shopping task.

It’s the second day of this week’s shopping task, which sees housemates in the roles as puppet masters and puppets.

In the diary room, Tiffany says she doesn’t want to be a puppet anymore and doesn’t want John to be her puppet master any longer. Big Brother suggests she goes to get ready for the task, she agrees. In the bedroom, Danniella and Gemma advise Tiffany to flirt with Jeremy. She remarks, “I don’t want him; I’m not interested in him anymore.”

A poorly Danniella is asleep in the snug and is exempt from today’s task.

As part of today’s shopping task, the puppet masters have to work out who said what. A list of housemates’ quotes will be read out; the puppet masters must decide who said them and which housemate they were about.

The first quote is, from Christopher about Nancy, “She doesn’t clean and she doesn’t cook. She does nothing.” Housemates are incorrect as they pick Scotty T talking about Tiffany. Nancy laughs and disagrees with Christopher’s quote.

The third quote is from Tiffany about Jeremy, “I’m not going to lie; I’m very sexually attracted to him.” The puppet masters are incorrect as they pick Megan talking about Scotty T.

Tiffany said she can’t remember saying that about Jeremy, and confirms that ‘he is fine and cute’. Jeremy says he’s flattered. Tiffany explains that she didn’t want the whole house to know how she felt, and that she did say it.
• The next quote is from Jeremy about Stephanie, “It’s more than friends; it’s obvious.” The housemates pick Jeremy about Megan and Scotty T. Jeremy then confirms he said this about him and Stephanie, and that they have over stepped the friends’ line. Stephanie explains that they are just close friends.

The last quote is from Gemma about Tiffany, “I want my shoes back!” Gemma confirms she said this, and Tiffany reacts, “Oh b*tch you want your shoes back? I’ll give them to you!” Gemma says she already took them back. Tiffany tells her that she should have asked her to give them back and that she doesn’t care or needs Gemma’s shoes.

Some housemates leave the area as they don’t want to listen to Tiffany’s rant.

Christopher takes Tiffany for a cigarette. Gemma believes she ‘has won as she got her shoes back’, and doesn’t care what Tiffany says.

In the diary room, Stephanie thinks Jeremy has made it clear that he fancies her, “I knew but I enjoy being friends with him, so I didn’t want it to ruin our friendship.”

Scotty T tells Jeremy that he thinks Stephanie is over friendly with him. Scotty T and David advise Jeremy to ‘take a step back’.

In the diary room, Tiffany thinks she’s in a good spot in the house, “I hope Gemma goes home. I can’t have this house turn against me this early in the game; I know that’s a game breaker.” She goes onto say, “I will let Gemma know that the shoes she gave me, I would not buy for myself. I think she’s a disgrace.”

In the garden, Jeremy tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want to be ‘perceived badly’ and will still be there for her. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to leave the house and have no one there waiting for her, and confirms it is all innocent.

Big Brother asks the housemates to all gather. Gemma is reluctant to leave her bed, and cries, “I’m sick of this! I don’t want to play games anymore. Who plays a game for two days? I’ve had enough. It’s like having a job working 24/7 for two days on the trot.”

Housemates are gathered; Big Brother reveals that they passed the group task, however because some of the housemates have broken some fundamental task rules, it means the house has failed the task. Megan shouts, “You’re joking?!”

Big Brother explains that the puppets and puppet masters are now given an opportunity to win a luxury shopping budget by pressing their buttons as fast as they can. Whichever group presses the buttons first, that group will win the luxury shopping budget. All housemates press their podium buttons.

The results are in, the group of puppet housemates were first to press their buttons and therefore won the luxury shopping budget. The group cheer and the task is now over.

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