Day 10: Housemates nightmare shopping task comes to an end

The Housemates nightmare shopping task has come to an end.

As part of the task, some of the housemates have spent all night on shift at the egg timer station. Housemates continue to bounce on the dream trampoline clouds whenever Big Brother plays a bell into the house

The Dream Team leaders: James J and Nicola believe that they should have picked Stacy to attend the slumber party. Angie describes Stacy as ‘a bulldog’; “She can take care of herself well and truly!”

In the smoking area, Nicola is talking to Stacy; “Whoever wasn’t picked (to attend the slumber party) was going to be upset…it’s not that big-a-deal.” Stacy replies; “I’m having a miserable rough time in the house and it does feel personal.” Nicola adds; “I know you’ve had a hard time and I’ve tried my hardest to be there for you.” Stacy appreciates Nicola’s comments, Nicola gets upset.

For the last part of this week’s shopping task, The Dream Team: James J and Nicola are called to the diary room to answer questions about their housemates. The first question is: who were Speidi talking about when they said she’s the biggest player? The Dream Team answer Angie, they were correct. The Dream Team continue to answer questions. Stacy reveals that she likes both Jamie and Calum

In the diary room, The Dream Team is asked: who said the following about James J and Austin, ‘it’s like the two biggest nobodies are the biggest attention seekers?’ They answer Calum, it is revealed that Jedward said it

Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas to reveal that they successfully passed this week’s shopping task, winning a luxury shopping budget.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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