Day 10: Jade uses food timebomb as Housemates receive basic shopping

Jade cashes her food timebomb in tonight’s show

Jade is called to the Diary Room where there is a platter of afternoon tea treats such as cakes, sandwiches and champagne. Big Brother asks Jade if she would like to cash in her Luxury Timebomb from the first night explaining that in addition to being able to eat the food in front of her, she will gain other privileges & treats such as access to hot water, beauty treatments and she will be given a £100 luxury shopping budget for the week. She decides to cash in her Timebomb. “My BB family is out there starving and I’m in here drinking champagne and eating grapes!”

After Jade has eaten as much as she would like, Big Brother tells her she may take as much as she can carry back into the house but she cannot share any of it with the housemates. If she does, the housemates will be severely punished. “Boom! There’s your bomb!”

She returns with a tray of treats telling the Housemates about what just happened. “I’m so sorry. I’m not allowed to share any of it but you guys can take whatever you want.” “For the sake of a cupcake, it’s not worth it!”says Jack.

Harriet goes to the Diary Room. “We feel like we’ve been betrayed by that task. I would’ve stayed in there 100%. They stayed in there for 12 hours for nothing. I’m hungry and pissed off.”

Big Brother opens the store room for the other housemates to claim their basic rations for the week. They are all disappointed at the selection and amount of food.

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