Day 11: Ellie gets upset over Lotan’s fancy for Marnie

Lotan gives Gemma and Marnie massages in the garden. Gemma tells Lotan “When you get out of here, you can come to mine, I’m going to cook for you, I’m going to run you a bath with candles and any oil of your choice. I’m going to make sure I have Egyptian cotton on the bed sheets.” Lotan questions “oh I’m staying the night?” and Gemma says, “If you want, and I am going to massage you back”.

Lotan opens up to Marnie in the garden and becomes emotional about his feelings for his ex-girlfriend. He admits to Marnie, he is still hung up on her and says, “You’re beautiful and if I was single or whatever, I would be so interested it would be ridiculous”.

Ellie is upset that Lotan is attracted to Marnie. Ellie later goes to the Diary Room to talk about Lotan and says “It’s like some new hot tottie’s come in and chuffing hell, it’s sell by date’s gone on me, by the sounds of it. Love is blind.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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