Day 11: Eviction Looms But Who Will Be Evicted?

The Big Brother Eviction looms tonight and we round up the pros and cons for each housemate leaving.

Pros: Perhaps the nuttiest housemate leaving would be of some benefit in the house? And after all Eileen has easily become one of the most easiest nominations for other housemates.

Cons: She would have to be one of the most entertaining housemates in the house at the moment and besides #savethemaggots . Oh and who could forget Eileen’s Diary Room chat last night?

Pros: She has been one of the biggest instigators of a lot of the arguments in the house over the past week and a half, and her departure would allow some more of the quieter characters some air time.

Cons: Maybe the house would be a lot harmonious without her around, and that is certainly something that we don’t want this early on in the series.

Pros: Adjoa can become a little bit too much to watch at times, particularly when she has been rather whiny as of late.

Cons: If Adjoa leaves we would probably lose some potentially amazing Diary Room moments, and we’d love to see her develop more as a housemate. We also want to hear more about her Christian life!

Make sure you VOTE to Evict the housemate you would like to see get evicted.

Here are the all important numbers you need:
To EVICT Eileen, call:

6 50 58 07

090 20 44 58 07

To EVICT Sarah, call:

6 50 58 14

090 20 44 58 14

To EVICT Adjoa, call:

6 50 58 02

090 20 44 58 02

Or alternatively you can vote via the app.

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