Day 11: Megan issued with formal warning by Big Brother

Megan has been issued with a formal warning by Big Brother.

During the highlights of tonight’s eviction show it is revealed that Megan had slept in Big Brother’s spare room for the evening.

Later on, after the evening’s events, Big Brother calls Megan to the Diary Room. She is given a formal warning for her unacceptable behaviour. Megan apologies, then says “the only reason I flipped like that at Tiffany is because she flipped at me. I was trying to help Tiffany. I was explaining to everybody how two-faced John is.”

Tiffany is also called to the Diary Room and reminded of appropriate behaviour in the house.

Megan tries to clear the air with Tiffany, saying “Tiff, I’m not rowing with you, but I need to talk to you because I can’t have this. Last night, honest to God. I was just explaining a story and I think you must have heard it the wrong way. I swear on my mum’s life, I weren’t starting on you.”

Gemma chips in, “Megan you did nothing wrong last night.” Tiffany is fine with Megan and tells her, “I didn’t think you had no beef with me.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight with the second live eviction.

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