Day -11: Who should re-enter the House for Big Brother: Timebomb?

With the rumour that ex-Housemates are going to be entering the House, here are some of the Housemates we’d like to see return..

Big Brother: Timebomb starts on Tuesday 12th May, and the rumours are already circling that some ex-Housemates could be entering the House as part of the theme, but you can’t just have any old ex-Housemates waltzing into the House! Here is our list of who we’d like to see re-enter the House..

BB3AlisonBig Brother 3: Alison Hammond
Since leaving the Big Brother House, Alison has become a nationwide celebrity who is loved by many. She has appeared on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here and is a regular on This Morning. While in the House, she made us laugh with her antics, and of course her table breaking. She only lasted two weeks, and we’d like to see more!

BB5EmmaBig Brother 5: Emma Greenwood
Back in 2004, Big Brother turned evil and created what is still the best twist of all time – the Big Brother bedsit! We watched as Emma and Michelle entered and caused mayhem, before returning to the main House and causing the most infamous night in Big Brother history – the bedsit. Emma was removed from the House on Day 23 but before she was removed, Emma provided us with some key entertainment and we’d love to see her bring the fun back to Big Brother.

UBBNikkiBig Brother 7/Ultimate Big Brother: Nikki Grahame
Yes, she may have been evicted twice during Big Brother 7, and then re-entered the House for Ultimate Big Brother in 2010, but Nikki Grahame remains in our hearts as one of the best Big Brother Housemates ever. Her diary room tantrums cemented her place in Big Brother history and of course we’d love to see more. Nikki finished in second place during the 2010 series, Ultimate Big Brother, proving she really is one of the best Housemates ever.

BB11JosieBig Brother 11/Ultimate Big Brother: Josie Gibson
In 2010, with what seemed like the end of Big Brother, Josie was crowned the winner of Big Brother after spending 77 days in the House. Josie later re-entered the House for Ultimate Big Brother a mere 20 minutes after leaving, but walked from the show just three days later. Josie’s down to earth attitude, fun personality and Bristolian charm really made her one of the shows best winners, and we’d love to see her back in the House.

Luke ABig Brother 13: Deana Uppal and Luke AndersonDeana
During Big Brother 13, we had two very clear groups of Housemates, but in the end just one was the¬†winner as the outsiders made the final three! Deana, Luke A and Adam’s friendship charmed us all, and lead to Deana finishing in third place while Luke finished first, becoming the winner of Big Brother 2012. We’d love to see the duo placed back into the House together and reunite two thirds of the outsiders.

Big Brother 2013: Sallie Axl
Now, not the most popular of Housemates we understand but we believe in second chances! During her only week in the House, Sallie provided us with some entertaining scenes between Michael and herself – as well as a few arguments here and there.. mostly with Gina. She was evicted just nine days after entering the House, and we think she would have given us more if she’d stayed.

BB_ASHLEIGH (1)Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle
In the House, Ashleigh was one of the youngest Housemates of the series. While being one of the youngest, she was one of the more mature Housemates. She was favourite to win throughout the series but eventually came second to Helen. We’d love to see Ashleigh re-enter the House to rock Big Brother’s timebomb twist..


So, there are some of the Housemates we’d like to see re-enter, but who would you like to see enter? Let us know below!

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