Day 12: Housemates take part in CBB Cadets shopping task

It’s the next shopping task of the series, as Housemates become cadets to win badges

his week’s Shopping Task will be getting underway today, and sees the housemates donning scarves and woggles to become Cadets.

Our housemates will be getting back to nature, carrying out good deeds, making sacrifices, helping the environment, and possibly hardest of all, being nice to one another. Katie will be appointed Cadet Leader and have to keep the others in check; all Cadets will have a pledge to learn, and more importantly, stick to; there’s even a campfire (over which they’ll ideally be charring marshmallows and not each other).

If the Cadets earn enough badges, then Big Brother will reward them with a hefty shopping budget. If they fail – well, at least they’ll have picked up basic survival skills to cope with the meagre basic rations.

You can see highlights of this on tomorrow night’s show

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