Day 12: Kieran and Marnie kiss as things get intimate

During tonight’s eviction highlights, Marnie and Kieran share a kiss as things get interesting in the hot tub. Marnie flirts up a storm with Kieran “You’ve got nice lips you know, they’re nice and plump”.

Marnie admits to Tom she would like to see Kieran after they leave the house, she says “I’m going to message him when I get out and say you’re coming with me.”

Marnie and Kieran share a kiss in the smoking area and she say’s “Kieran that was a nice kiss, I am very happy”.

Marnie talks to Ellie, Kayleigh, Nicola, Charlotte and Raph in the living room about Kieran. Marnie says “It was the best kiss I’ve had all year. Better kiss than Lewis, 100%.”

Marnie tells Ellie how she likes to act sexy and shows Ellie how to do it. Marnie say’s “It’s all about the nipple and it’s all about the mouth.” Nicola asks Marnie if she can lick her own nipple and Marnie say’s “I try” and shows the group. Marnie says to Kieran, who is sat in the garden “Do you think it’s sexy when a girl can lick her own nipple?” and goes on to show him.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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