Day 12: Sam Faiers allowed special meeting with OK! Journalist

SamTOWIE Star, Sam Faiers has been granted a special meeting with an OK! Journalist to write her column 

Channel 5 has admitted to allowing current Housemate, Sam Faiers outside contact in order for her to write her OK! Magazine column. While the rules of Big Brother state that the Housemates must be locked in the Big Brother House 24 hours a day with no outside contact, this is the third time that a celebrity Housemate has been allowed this sort of contact.

This comes after her column was spotted in the magazine. In response a spokesperson for Channel 5 confirmed that Sam arranged to have contact with OK! reps before the show begun.

Last year’s Celebrity Big Brother in January saw Rylan Clark exit the House for ‘The X Factor’ tour rehearsals and the summer edition saw Mario Falcone exit the house in order to obtain a Visa to travel to Las Vegas with ‘The Only Way is Essex’

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