Day 12: Team USA nominate three more Housemates to face eviction

Three more Housemates have joined Chris in facing the chop. 

Big Brother has gathered all the Housemates for a big announcement. The US Housemates must choose which British Housemates to choose to face eviction, alongside Chris. The US team choose Stevi and Chloe because of the hot water situation, Austin suggests “Bobby because he is annoying” but Scoop decides to be tactical and vote Bobby because “he is the glue” in that team.

“We’ve got to decide do we want to be living, or is this going to be war?” Janice votes James, Jenna also thinks James should go because Austin is distracted by James and he needs to be more of a player in the game. However, Austin is adamant he wants to vote for Gail. Scoop also votes for Gail. Scoop is very clear. “I’m not going to vote for someone who’s not going to go. This is a younger fanbase with younger people. We’re wasting our time not being selective with our votes.” They decide Gail but it was a close decision between her and James. They conclude by shouting, “go Team America!”

Big Brother gathers the Housemates to reveal the results of the nominations. Scoop stands  up and reveals the first housemate is Bobby, but he can’t remember the reason so says, “you farted, you sleepwalk…” but Big Brother insists he gives a the real reason so Scoop concludes, “you treated us poorly when you were the King.  It was also overheard that you said ‘don’t leave them any food’…also everyone was annoyed about the sleepwalking.”

Jenna stands up and nominates Chloe & Stevi – “There are many reasons why.  Not because you’re so fantastic and fun to be around, you bring such a good air to this. I don’t see you guys going the full way…I don’t see fight in you to want to stay here. This is a game.  We want people to be here who are in it to win it…and I think people are uncomfortable with the amount of PDA.  Other than that we love you so much.”

Austin delivers the next nomination, “Gail, everyone knows without a doubt you are the cleanest person in the house, we thought that you are the glue that holds the team together and from a standpoint of competition, we felt that if we took you out then some of the other team members would fall apart.  We also felt that you’re a great woman, you’re just not a fighter, a competitor, so that’s how we decided to go for these decisions.”

As a result, Bobby, Chloe and Stevi, Chris and Gail all face eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother House tomorrow night.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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