Day 12: Trisha Paytas leaves the Celebrity Big Brother House

After 11 days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Trisha has decided to leave of her own accord and will not be returning.

During tonight’s Big Brother show, Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas for the eviction. Karthik is announced as the second housemate to be evicted

A tearful Trisha comments; “This house is so disrespectful, everyone is cheering when two people are up for nomination! Zero respect for anyone. I’m not staying in this house it’s f**king disrespectful.” Paul apologises to Trisha

In the smoking area, Sam states; “I do like Trisha but she flies off the rails.” Sarah adds; “She goes from one extreme to the next!”

Trisha goes to the diary room to speak to Big Brother; “I’m walking sorry, I’m not staying. This house is disgusting. The boys cheering when two people are up…narcissistic a*seholes, it’s not about them! I’m done. Fake, disgusting people. If they are your representation of your country, of the UK, it’s a disgusting f**king country! Pieces of actual sh*t in this house! I’m not doing it sorry. I’m a self-absorbed nasty b*tch and there are way more nasty people in this house…”

Sandi, Jemma and Shaun comment on how they think Trisha is acting ‘disrespectful’ A tearful Trisha leaves the Big Brother house via the diary room

To see all of the events leading up to Trisha’s exit, tune into tomorrow night’s show at 9pm on 5Star and 10:30pm on Channel 5.

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