Day 13: Housemates give honest opinions during shopping task

The Housemates get honest during tonight’s shopping task – find out what they had to say…
The Housemates are sat round the campfire and must each hold the honesty stick and give another Housemate honest and unflinching advice.

• Katie Hopkins to Perez – I don’t think you should run away from what you do, straight up those stairs. If you live by the sword you should die by the sword. Perez replies that he would rather live without weapons.

• Nadia to Katie Hopkins – I disagree with every way you think about the world. You often say that you say the things other people won’t say but I think that what you choose not to say defines your kindness and your heart. I would like to start a new page today between the two of us. Katie responds by saying that she loves words and that they are her favourite thing and that she enjoys the power of sending a word but she appreciates that is sometimes is hurtful.

• Keith to Patsy – You apologise for everything, you’re bloody brilliant. Patsy says that she likes to rise above things and she is in an unusual environment. She adds that she has seen some crazy sh*t in her life but the house is the maddest place on planet earth.

• Michelle to Cami Li – I worry about you when you drink too much. Cami Li responds by saying that being in the house makes her drink.

• Perez to Keith – Continue to bring much needed laughter to the house. It’s like oxygen, we can never get enough of it. Keith responds by saying: ‘Can’t guarantee it.’

• Alicia to Perez – You have been a really good friend to me and made me laugh so much, my advice is not to self- destruct, like the coughing and waking everyone up because if everyone has a chance to get to know you the way I know you everyone will like you as well. Perez says that many people will be very surprised when they leave the house and watch all the episodes and see the many sides of every story.

• Katie Price to Katie Hopkins – Yes you’re very opinionated and not everyone likes what you say but being in the house, it’s been nice and refreshing to talk about normal things. I love your humour, you’re right up my street, I’d definitely be your friend out of the house. You’re funny and family orientated and you have a heart and I don’t really think there is that many bad bones in your body. Katie Hopkins says that in all the years of people slinging abuse at her, they never worked out that her Achilles heel is a compliment. She looks genuinely moved.

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