Day 13: Janice on Scoop: “There would be a lot more fun”

Janice has visited the Diary Room to talk about Scoop’s role as president.

During tonight’s highlights show, Janice visits the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother about Scoop’s role as president of the House.

She says: ‘If I had been Scoop and I had actually been voted President on our team, I would really make and snap the whip and try to be the peace maker constantly and I truly believe that Scoop has not done a thing that he set out to do in my opinion.

“But if I were President this place would be sparkling..there would be order, there would be a lot more fun instead of all this skulduggery.’

Scoop’s speech causes an argument during tonight’s highlights, which you can read more about on our site. Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with the second live eviction.

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