Day 13: Jasmine Waltz becomes second CBB Evictee

JasmineJasmine Waltz has become the second Housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House

Another five days have passed since Evander was evicted from the House and we’ve lost track of how much has happened. On Sunday, the Housemates went wild with Big Brother’s 18, U task which saw some very… different action from Housemates such as Lionel and Lee.

Big Brother then shocked the House further with face to face nominations which saw four Housemates placed up for eviction – Jim, Jasmine, Luisa and Liz. Alongside this, the House was shocked to find out that they’d failed this week’s shopping task which saw Jim take control over the decision making throughout the task.

Earlier tonight however after 13 days in the House you decided enough was enough and booted Jasmine out of the House.

A twist is also set to come into play at the end of tonight’s show.

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  1. emma was tv gold says

    The crowd were right in booing and shouting “who are ya”
    Lee & her really need to ask themselves what they really would do for money over standards.
    Funny in small doses but 24/7? Culturally uncomfortable I bet.
    I do not think people just have less interest in non UK housemates, I just do not think she did herself proud (she has however ensured getting on the list of the various celeb jungle/house type shows around the world) as she is the new travelling circus act.

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