Day 13: TASK: Blindfold Boxing

CelebsCheck out what Housemates face today in their latest task

Split into two teams, the housemates must try to punch the right answer, in the blindfold boxing quiz.

The task will start with a message from ex housemate Evander who willset the celebrities a boxing task. The housemates are divided into two teams with Lionel as the referee:

Jim, Linda, Liz, Lee, Jasmine

Ollie, Sam, Casey, Dappy, Luisa

The task will begin with training in the garden. There will be three training stations for housemates to hone their boxing skills: The Skipping Rope Station, The Sit Up Station and The Punch Machine.

Once the housemates are warmed up they will return to the living area where Big Brother has constructed a special boxing ring.

During the task one housemate from each team is blindfolded, and then stood facing each other in the centre of the ring. Big Brother will announce a question, based on quotes from the housemates, and 3 targets will pop up as possible answers. Housemates will have to shout out and guide their blindfolded team mate to punch down the target which is the correct answer to the question.

Different housemates take turns in the ring, and at the end the team who has hit the most correct targets first wins.

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