Day 14: Jasmine Waltz becomes third Celebrity Big Brother Evictee

Jasmine Waltz has become the third Celebrity Big Brother Evictee.

On Friday, the Housemates entered Hell as they were put against each other in a series of tasks. However the final task was the most hellish.

During tonight’s highlights show, each ‘Hell’ Housemate was given two lives and was asked questions about their ‘Land of the Living’ Housemates. The first to buzz in with the correct answer would be able to choose to remove a life from another player.

Once three Housemates lost both their lives, they would be eliminated from the game and would continue to live in ‘Hell.’ The three winning Housemates would return to the ‘Land of the Living.’ At the end of the game, three winning Housemates regroup with their Housemates in the ‘Land of the Living’ to a great reception.

Housemates were later gathered on the sofa. Big Brother announced that they would have to make a very important decision. Housemates were told to agree which Housemate must never return but instead face the indignity of eviction through the side door.

The result saw Jasmine evicted from the House. Jasmine will join Emma tomorrow night for her first interview.

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