Day 14: Nominations – Who Nominated Who?

Find out who nominated who ahead of this week’s fake double eviction.

Jenna nominates Bobby – ‘he really got my goat..some things he said really hit me as disrespectful. Maybe I wasn’t use to the game at that point but it really struck me as deluded.’ Stevi and Chloe Jasmine is her second nomination – ‘I think you would be better on the outside’.

· James nominates Stevi and Chloe Jasmine ‘I’d like to see you interacting more with other people in the house.’ Second nomination is Farrah.

· Janice nominates Gail ‘You like to be in charge, you like to do the housecleaning. I don’t want to step on your toes but I don’t want to start a row.’ Janice nominates Scoop second ‘As President I don’t think you really hit the mark as a leader’.

· Bobby nominates Farrah ‘The first person I am going to nominate is truly a beautiful woman, however beauty does not exist totally on the outside. It has to be coming from the inside. I might say something that might hurt you young lady but I want you to listen…You are possibly one of the ugliest people I have ever had to have the misfortune of sharing my time with. No amount of lipgloss will disguise the ugliness that lives inside of you. I say that because I don’t know your background, I know nothing about you. I tried…I asked Scoop what do you think I fI got to speak to her I would understand you and understand why you are so venomess. Why you have so much vileness inside of you that comes spilling out everytime you feel as though you are being attacked. It’s so unattractive; it’s so dreadful to watch. Because I would love for you to be the complete beautiful person that I know you could be if only you would drop your defences and not attack everytime.’ His second nomination is Gail.

· Farrah has had enough of Bobby’s nomination and gets up ‘Satan should take a seat because that is what you are. I have never been that f***ing vile to anyone nor have I spoke to for someone…I didn’t ask for f***ing opinions I asked for a f***ing vote. So dipshit number 2 should f***ing sit down.’

· Natasha nominates Farrah ‘Since we got in the house we haven’t gelled. We’ve had a few crossed words, I decided to make a real effort with you. I sat with you, we talked about things and I felt like we had made progress in our relationship and then later than evening you made a provoked attack on me. I’m not going to be calm anymore because I feel like if you see a weakness in someone you are going to pick on it and I’m not a weak person. So I’m hoping by me standing up to you will show you I’m made of more than what you are.’ Her second nomination is Jenna.

· Farrah nominates Natasha ‘From the day 1 when I got in here you and Austin both together had your issues with me. And you made sure I went up to the tower first…also everytime you have an issue with me you go round you spread negativity to your whole team..I just think you are a fake ass person and I wish you all the best in your life for your whole family. Her second nomination is James.

· Austin nominates Farrah ‘You don’t seem to be that nice of a girl. I have been through loss in my life and it is something I have taken on board and taken account for my actions and have never behaved the way you have behaved.’ His second nomination is for Chloe Jasmine and Stevi as they make him nauseous.

· Stevi and Chloe Jasmine nominate Farrah. Chloe explains their nomination of Austin ‘I am so sorry Austin that you hate my cheeriness, I think you’re a really lovely boy but I don’t think you quite understand us as a couple. I think you’re really lovely…That’s what I mean you just laugh at me. You laugh at me when my back is turned and you pick on Janice. And it’s disgusting some of things you say about her.’

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  1. peter Newstead says

    They ain’t all here?

  2. linda gray says

    Fed up listening to Farrah n Jenna (what a shit stirrer Jenna is biaaaatch!!!!)…cheerleeding american bullie girls feel sorry for the lovely americans out there being dragged down by this pair of manipulatng vile bitches stop giving them.air time let us see other personalities please

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