Day 15: WATCH: Ellie apologises to Lotan over her behaviour

During tonight’s show, Ellie is waking up feeling apologetic towards Lotan. In the bathroom, Lotan is talking to Rebecca about Ellie; “How do you get that drunk in here?” Rebecca tells Lotan that Ellie was sick in her bed

In the smoking area, Ellie apologises to Lotan, she says; “The moral of the story is don’t put Ellie in a house with a Dreamboy!” Lotan tells her; “I’ve pulled back a bit. I need to appreciate that you have thoughts and feelings… when you’re drunk, you go a certain way and it can be perceived to other people that I’m leading you on. I just don’t know how to tread.”

In the diary room, Lotan is talking to Big Brother about Ellie; “She just needs to stay away from me when she’s drunk. I’m going to distance myself when she’s sober as well; I’m not having it look like that I’m in any way interested. She should know better.”

Big Brother continues at 10:30pm.

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