Day 15: Georgina on Jackson: “He really thinks a lot of me and I’m not sure why”

Georgina has spoken to Big Brother about her relationship with Jackson.

During tonight’s show, Georgina speaks to Big Brother about her relationship with Jackson. It starts with Jackson revealing to Andy how much he likes sharing a bed with Georgina.

Later, in the bedroom, Jackson finds out that Georgina has a pierced nipple, “It gets better and better! An arse of a god and a nipple piercing!” Lateysha asks him if the pair kissed in bed last night, “No nothing happened, we were good, kind of…I think…”

In the garden, Georgina explains to Jackson, “Smoking is a no for me. There are a lot of things you have to work on!” Jackson tells Georgina that she is ‘beautiful inside and out’

Georgina is talking to Big Brother about Jackson, “He really thinks a lot of me and I’m not sure why… He makes me out to be like some goddess! Everyone seems to think we’ve kissed, but we actually haven’t. He won’t show me his pictures that he brought in. 300 women…that’s gross.” She continues, “It’s a clash of cultures, definitely.”

In the bedroom, Georgina asks Jackson to see his photos, he is reluctant, “It’s a lot more than just a photo.” He gives in and explains, “I’ll move beds if you want me to move beds. That’s my son.” Georgina is shocked. Jackson gets upset and heads to the toilet to be alone

In bed, Jackson kisses Georgina, the pair share a bed again.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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