Day 15: TASK: Count the Eye

For this week’s shopping task, all Housemates have to do to pass is keep count of how many times they see the BIG BROTHER eye appear… but Big Brother is going to do everything possible to distract them.
Housemates are gathered and told that today they’ll be called to the Counting Zone in pairs (the Large Task Room) and that the Big Brother eye will appear on the screens randomly and intermittently. All Housemates have to do is keep track of how many times they see the eye appear.

At the end of the task, Big Brother will ask Housemates how many times they saw the eye and they must be within X numbers of the answer to get it right

However, throughout the day, Big Brother will do everything possible to try and distract the Housemates from counting the eye.


SPEED COUNTING – After Big Brother has announced and explained the rules, the game will begin and two Housemates will immediately be called to the Counting Zone to take their place to count.

During this speed introduction to the task the eye will flash fairly quickly and Big Brother will sound a klaxon at intervals and announce the next two Housemates that must swap over with the current counters. Big Brother will freeze the eye for X amount of time during the changeover but if Housemates aren’t fast enough in getting to the Counting Zone they may miss the eye starting to flash again.

YOUR LIFE IN NUMBERS – Two Housemates come to the room to find that during their counting session they have to take part in a quiz that is all about their life in numbers. They’ll be asked questions about themselves but all the answers are numbers. For example: How many past lives has Gary said he has had? How many Oscar nominations has Gary had?

NOMINATIONS VIEWING – Two / three Housemates come in and have to sit on a series of chairs in front of the plasma – they’ll be watching the nominations from the day before. The eye will appear during the clips. The eye may appear as a graphic over the mouth of the person in the diary room as they say the name of the person they are nominating (e.g. “My first nomination is [BIG BROTHER EYE – no audio] because…..” This way they have to speculate amongst themselves who they think the person is talking about so that they might get distracted.

A DINNER DATE – Some housemates will come to the counting zone but find a table laid out for a sit down dinner. They will be given champagne to drink and maybe some cocktails. Dinner will turn into a party with some of their favourite tracks. Can they keep their concentration while enjoying themselves?

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