Day 16: Big Brother to donate £1000 towards Ice Bucket charity

Big Brother will donate £1000 to charity, as Housemates take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge

Earlier today, viewers were given the choice of which Housemate (excluding Kellie) they would like to see take part in the viral phenomenon, The Ice Bucket Challenge. Via the Big Brother App, the viewers chose Frenchy.

Later today, the Housemates will be gathered and Frenchy will be told that she was nominated by the public for an ice cold drenching. Frenchie will be given some rubber bands and take her place in a paddling pool in the garden. With the others watching on, two of Frenchy’s fellow housemates will then drench her with a large bucket of ice water.

After Frenchy has been “iced” she will then get to nominate one other HM to get wet (excluding Kellie). This Housemates will then sit in the chair and Frenchy will pour a normal size bucket over them.

Watch Frenchy and Lauren face the Ice Bucket Challenge:


For taking part in the challenge, Big Brother will donate £1000 to charity. Hosts Emma Willis and Rylan Clark have already taken part in the ALS ice bucket challenge, and uploaded their videos to YouTube:

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