Day 16: Christopher nominated for eviction by Toya and Matthew

Christopher has been nominated for eviction by the power couple

Earlier tonight, Pauline was evicted – however the next Power Housemate was also revealed. Big Brother announced to the group that Toya is the new Power Housemate, and the Housemates’ reacted with cheers.

Big Brother told Toya to stand up and told her that she will not be in power alone. She would have to choose another Housemate to join her as a Power Housemate and would have to choose in front of the group. She chose Matthew to join her as a Power Housemate.

As the power couple, they would have to nominate a Housemate to face eviction this week. They struggled to come to a decision and Big Brother warned that if they didn’t decide that they would face eviction. They decided on Christopher.

Emma Willis later revealed to the viewers that one of Toya and Matthew would also face eviction by the end of the week – and that their status as Power Housemate does not mean they are immune from eviction.

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