Day 16: Farrah turns sour on the Housemates and Natasha

Farrah has turned sour on the Housemates, mostly Natasha and has called her cancer..

First, Austin and James are predicting who will be evicted. They both think it might be Farrah and Jenna. They think Farrah is being ‘more pleasant’ today, Austin slightly disagrees, “she had a bit of an attitude in the kitchen.”James says, “being a reality TV star for being an absolute cow isn’t a talent.” Austin responds, ““If 12 people around you are calling you an asshole, you are an asshole.”

Jenna has some wisdom for Farrah “none of these f**kers matter, they just don’t matter. When they come at you, I know you can handle and take it in your stride, when you have such terrible things happen and you grow that armour…no one really understands why I cling onto you, it’s because I see myself in you… you’re a tough mother-f*cker….you’re going to have a lot of things coming your way…you’re going to have a lot of things coming to you.

Later, Farrah comes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother, “I just really tried my hardest to be upfront and a real nice person in here and I just wanted to win this but I don’t think there’s any f*cking way I’m going to win this because there is so many people against me…so if I leave then it’s just out of my hands so I just embrace it…thanks for voting me to stay in the house and if I’m voted out, I’m in the public”.

Finally, Jenna and Farrah talk about Natasha in the bedroom, “I’m going to call out Natasha, it’s going to be big, it’s like a fucking cancer inside me. Do you see how she’s grabbing onto Austin? I might be gone and it’s because of that bitch.”.

Farrah replies “she is a fucking cancer.” Jenna thinks they have “disarmed” Farrah, adding, “now they are coming for me, do you see how bold Natasha has got…If I go watch her like a mother*cker.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5 and TV3.

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