Day 16: Housemates discuss Chad and Sarah’s relationship

During tonight’s show, Sarah is emotional after the argument from the night before and apologises to Amelia for upsetting her.

Paul tells Sarah she should have said no to the kissing game after it upset her the night before. He says “You should have said no, ‘I’d rather you not kiss Chad’, you should have just said it. You should have just owned it and said like, do you know what, we are friends and I don’t think it’s right”.

Jemma talks to Paul, Sam and Jordan about her kiss with Chad from the Spin the Bottle game. Jordan says: “I think Chad enjoyed that” and Sam adds: “He loved it, we asked him, we were in the kitchen with him and he was like ‘yea mate, not the worst”. Paul confesses that Chad confirmed to him too and says: “Oh yea he told me too, he said it was good.” Jemma admits: “I loved kissing him too” and Paul responds “I know you did, I could tell, I could see what kind of kiss it was, it was a proper full on nice passionate”.

Jemma tells Paul: “It was a nice kiss” and Paul tells her he thinks “”It could have gone further” to which Sam agrees he observed that: “tingles were there” to which Paul says: “tingles were there and if no-one else was there, then I think panties might have been down”. Jemma laughs and Jordan says: “If she (referring to Sarah) was to go, you know gone that night, imagine that. He would have been all over you Jem, as soon as she’s gone Jem, he’s swerving over to you.” Jemma tells the boys: “I’m not being second best” to which Jordan says: “But he’s the Chad, Jemma, if you were drunk and Sarah left, come on, he’s the Chad” and Jemma confirms “I would kiss him again”.

Brandi and Jemma talk in the bathroom about Sarah and her relationship status. Brandi says: “she’s playing the victim” and Jemma continues “She’s playing the whole thing down because she’s saying I’ve only been with him 4 weeks but on the very first day I asked her about him and she told me she was in love with him and they’ve said I love you, that’s deep sh*t. What so you can’t wait until you get out to get with Chad?” Brandi says: “She’s one of those people who has to have a yes person around her at all times” with Jemma saying “…and it’s always everyone else’s fault”.

Sandi comforts an emotional Sarah in the garden while she’s crying. Sandi tells her “You can not make anybody happy, not unless you’re happy inside.” Sarah replies, “I feel like I’m hurting somebody I can’t speak to, or talk to.” Sandi tells her; “This is what I’m saying to you. There is nothing you can do except go with what your heart is saying. Don’t complicate it, princess.” Sarah responds, “It’s hard to know what is real and what is not when you’re in here. I just feel like a really horrible person”. Sandi tells her “You’re not a horrible person. Don’t let anybody tell you that. You’re very passionate. You’re very emotional. At the moment, so much is going on inside and outside”.

In the kitchen, Sandi is letting off steam to Paul and Amelia after discovering that Brandi and Jemma had messed up the bathroom; “They are taking the p*ss! It’s petty! It’s disgusting!” Paul advises Sandi to talk to pair; “Tomorrow we’re having a house meeting!”

In the bedroom, Amelia and Sam are talking about Sarah, Sam states; “Princess mate! Our experience of her in here is meant to revolve around her, and it’s always going to be like that…I kinda expected maybe, her to have a reality check and come and speak to the people that she may have p*ssed off.” Amelia confirms that Sarah apologised to her

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