Day 16: Housemates pass shopping task and spend £499.91

Housemates has passed this weeks shopping task – and spend a whopping £499 on food

For this week’s task, the Housemates were told to count the Big Brother Eye as it appeared. However, Big Brother had distractions waiting for the Housemates – including showing some Housemates who had nominated them.

Stephanie, Lauren, Frenchy and Kellie were called to the Counting Zone and had to keep count of the flashing Big Brother eye whilst being distracted. The distraction was footage of who nominated them from the Diary Room. The nominations are:

George – Frenchy
Audley – Frenchy
Stephanie – Kellie
James – Kelly and Frenchy
Kellie – Frenchy and Stephanie

At the end of the task, Big Brother asked Housemates how many times they saw the eye appear. The Housemates thought they saw the eye appear 1,914 times. The eye actually appeared 1,880 times.

The Housemates were allowed a margin of 50 both sides of the number, meaning they passed the shopping task. It was also revealed that the Housemates had spent a huge £499.91 on shopping this week, including items to make a salad, 10 salmon fillets, many varieties of cheese and some ginger nut biscuits.

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