Day 16: TASK: Contraband

Mark and Pauling will become the prison guards and dressed in prison uniforms whilst the rest of the Housemates are made prisoners, and given orange jumpsuits to wear for entire day. The prisoners’ job is to smuggle various luxury contraband items from the Large Task Room and hide them in the House where Mark and Pauline can’t find them. If they can accomplish this, they will get to keep whatever contraband isn’t discovered by the end of the day.

The Large Task Room will be transformed into a police evidence locker style room, with luxury items and labelled packages.

* A boom box – music to be played for the House
* A pizza box – a takeaway for the 6 of House
* A bar of chocolate- a chocolate hamper for the house
* A plastic cricket bat – garden games for the Housemates
* Giant lipstick – makeup goody bags
* Football – World Cup football scores revealed
* Fake Dumbbells – exercise equipment for Housemates to use
* Fake tan bottle– fake tan
* Inflatable rubber ring- doughnuts
* Giant ice cream cone – ice creams for all the Housemates
* Large massage bottle- massage oil for the Housemates
* Protein shake bottles- Protein shake for the house

So that the guards, Mark and Pauline, do not realise what the real task is, the House will be told that Big Brother does not think that they really appreciate the freedom they have in the House, and consequently, the majority of the Housemates will become prisoners. The prisoners will be told that they must take part in extensive menial labour for Big Brother in the Garden. For this menial labour, Housemates must continuously peel potatoes.

They will do this for 10 minutes, and then before their next shift, will be given a 5 minute break. During this 5 minute break, the prison guards Mark and Pauline are to ensure that the prisoner Housemates abide by the rules provided by Big Brother. However, it is also during this 5 minute breaks that the prisoners get the chance to escape to the large task room and try and smuggle in their contraband. The prisoner Housemates must work together to distract the guards so that they don’t get caught red handed. The prisoners will be given 6 breaks in total.


· No sleeping or lying down.

· No arguing or shouting

· No swearing or rude language.

· No smoking.

· No flirting, hugging or kissing.

When the Housemates hiding time is up, and they have successfully hidden lots of contraband items around the House, the guards Mark and Pauline will be informed that Housemates have been hiding contraband. The guards will then have 1 minute to the try to find the contraband. Anything Mark and Pauline find they can keep, and anything that remains undiscovered will be kept by the Housemates.

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