Day 16: Team UK win luxury shopping in latest shopping task

Housemates have completed this week’s shopping task – but have they passed?

It’s the second day of this week’s shopping task and the Housemates are woken up to the sound of Scoop’s hit song, Be Faithful. They have twenty seconds to get to the dancefloor in the garden, with a chance to earn 20 points. Little do they know that only James and Farrah’s points count for this task, following a viewers’ vote. Sherrie,Bobby and Janice did not make it out of bed in time so do not receive any points.

All the Housemates are gathered for the last part of the shopping task. A phone is set in the centre of the living area. On the other end of the phone is a loved one or a friend -Bobby and Sherrie’s daughters, James’ grandad, Gail’s friend, Stevi’s dad, Chloe’s mum, Natasha boyfriend,Jenna’s fiancé, Scoop’s brother, Farrah’s dad, Austin’s husband, and Janice’s fiancé. If they answer the phone, they will lose all points available for their team during this round. No-one picks up the phone, and each housemate wins 120 points.

Big Brother then reveals that the fate of the house lay with two housemates chosen by the public -James and Farrah. James wins the shopping task for Team UK with 400 points, as Farrah only earned 380 points.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with a fake double eviction

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