Day 17: Savannah spends her first night in the Big Brother House

During tonight’s highlights show, Ellie talks in the diary room about new housemate Savannah, and worries that “she’s stunning, she’s natural, she’s got an Irish accent, obviously, she’s got a really big personality, and I like to be the one who can make people laugh and be known as the girl with the good personality, and I thought, god I’m going to end up in somebody’s shadow”. She added “I’m not being funny but I think when you’re getting down and seductive, I think they’d rather have a morning of a sexy Irish lass, rather than ‘Go on lad’. Do you know what I mean, it’s a bit different.”

Rebecca slips and hurts her arm in kitchen. Kieran admits to Raph that he has been intimate with Isabelle on two occasions whilst in Ibiza last year.

Ellie talks to Charlotte in the garden about her fears that Lotan fancies Savannah. Lotan, Tom and Kieran share a steamy shower together, while the girls watch on from the garden.

Lotan, Savannah and Tom talk in the living room, while Ellie watches on. She decides to go to bed early, and is unhappy with the attention Savannah is receiving.

The boys discuss Savannah in the diary room, Lotan says she is “awesome” and continues to describe her as “banging, a little pint size thing, she’s great fun, a very pretty young lady, that’s not to say I’m f***ing interested, or she’s staying in my bed, but she can if she wants to”.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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