Day 18: Chloe Ferry becomes fifth evictee of Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Chloe Ferry has become the fifth person to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

After a week in the CBB house, Chloe said her goodbyes and immediately left the house greeted by Emma and a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Chloe tells Emma: “I was just there to have fun, I didn’t care to win! I miss my phone!” She continues: “Lots of big characters in the house…I’m just happy to have had the opportunity to have gone in there! I was like the naughty kid!”

On Stacy pressing the button and nominating her: “I’m fuming! I wish I had pressed the button.”

On Calum: “I’m so embarrassed! I think if I had stayed there one more night I would have had it in the bag!” She jokes: “He proper loved us! I wanted a snog!”

On Jessica: “I think she may make a move on him (Calum)…I don’t mind, I’m over him! I want Jess to win.”

On Kim: “Once you get to know here she’s a really nice person! She likes to argue. I think she’ll calm down and maybe continue to clash with Nicola.”

Chloe adds: “I didn’t really get to know Coleen, James C is a lovely man.”

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