Day 18: Nominations – Who Nominated Who?

Find out who nominated who during last night’s face to face nominations

Big Brother then informs the Housemates that they must nominate face to face. They are provided with envelopes containing pictures of the Housemates and must explain their reasons for each nomination:

o Audley nominates James “when we was in the dome it got very personal and heated” and Edele “she’s a little stand offish”

o Dee nominates Edele “Edele needs to be with her kids” and Gary who “demands a lot of attention”

o George nominates Audley “we’ve got nothing else to discuss” and Gary because “I didn’t come into this experience to babysit someone”

o Kellie nominates James “because he got more boos than me and I might survive” and Edele as “a purely tactical nomination”

o Stephanie nominates Gary “Because he touched the chicken with his bare hands today” and Kellie “I just felt so stabbed in the back”

o Gary nominates Kellie because “I think she would feel better on the outside world” and Stephanie because “she’s in a world of her own as a germaphobe”

o Edele nominates Gary because “you’re rude to me or dismissive” and Kellie “the strength that you have now I would love to see you go out of this House with”

o Lauren nominates “dismissive” Gary and Edele because she’s “missing her children”

o Ricci nominates Kellie for saying she always wants to leave and Gary for being “really rude to people”

o James nominates Kellie “I really hope Frank is gone because he wasn’t a nice person” and Audley because “of things said in the Pod that were bordering on abusive”

o The Housemates facing Friday’s eviction are Audley, Kellie, Edele, Stephanie, Gary and James

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