Day 18: Rebecca becomes third evictee of Big Brother 2017

Rebecca has been announced as the third evictee of Big Brother 2017. Following the announcement, Rebecca said her goodbyes and left the house, greeted by Emma and mainly boos from the crowd.

Rebecca told Emma on being evicted: “It’s disappointing…it is what it is.”Rebecca on the crowd reaction: “I was expecting massive boos! It was fine…Joe or Hannah need to be sat here.”

Rebecca on Chanelle: “Chanelle is a dark horse. She is in Deborah and Hannah’s camp. I’m not shocked by her nomination.”

Rebecca added: “I’ve watched Big Brother before…I definitely have a few personalities and showed them in the house!”

Rebecca on Joe: “I’m true to myself! He’s a horrible man. He went lower than low. He gives his opinion and doesn’t care about others.”

Rebecca on Kieran: “Only seeing a couple of sides of his personality in the house. He’s a great guy. He’s definitely just a friend but there’s chemistry. We’re more flirtatious on the outside.”

Big Brother continues at 10pm.

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