Day 19: Austin on Farrah: “You are a nasty f***ing b***h”

The return on Farrah and Jenna has caused tensions to rise within the House.

Tensions begin to rise in the House following the duo’s return. Jenna says: ‘Do you understand how it feels…when people I liked a lot just turn on you within a second.’

‘Hold on a minute Jenna. I stood up to hug you and you blanked me.’ replied Natasha. Jenna fought back saying: “I do not want to start with you, do you understand…because I just don’t like you, you are fake.’

‘Oh do you not?..well that’s just great. Lovely…Do you think I give a c**p what you say Jenna…I do when you are attacking me and my family.’ replied Natasha.

Austin butts into the argument, saying ‘Farrah you can sit down no one wants to talk to you…no one is talking to you. Sit the f**k down. This whole house cares about her (Jenna). Do you know how the house felt when they heard you were coming back? Petrified of you, because you are a nasty f***ing b***h!..Jenna, you need to separate yourself from her really. We all really care about you and like you. This one (Farrah) showed her true colours.’

Bobby says: ‘Do you know why people take a dislike to you Farrah? Because it saves f***ing time.’ Austin says: ‘Five minutes and you are stirring up sh*t. What is your f***ing problem?’ Farrah ‘It’s a game.’

Later on, Austin goes to talk to Jenna ‘Wait a second. I was really riled up at that because I said in the diary room because I said me and her have been so cool this entire time..(Farrah butts in) Then go somewhere else then. No one is interacting with you…you are f***ing whack!’

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