Day 19: Housemates clash following timebomb twist

The new Housemates have caused a stir in the House…

On tonight’s show, the new Housemates cause trouble with the old as they enter the House.

Marc makes himself impossible to ignore in the house by telling Harry Amelia to stop eating and that he only wants to see ‘t*ts on a stick’.

· Simon walks round the house repeating his mantra of ‘showbiz!’ and Jack says: ‘That’s going to piss me off.’

· Danny isn’t impressed with Marc and says he is ‘trying to be a lad’.

· Simon asks Sam: ‘You know what happened to me, don’t you?’ Sam replies: ‘You don’t f*cking shut up about it.’

· Chloe is called to the Diary Room and Marc quips that she is going in for STI test, Chloe does not take this well and loses her temper with him. Danny takes this opportunity to express his emerging dislike for Marc by protecting Chloe and they square up to each other with Marc saying that Danny is ‘in his space’. Danny says: ‘You’re in my space, this is my house!’

· Chloe is in the Diary Room and asks to be let out to finish her row with Marc. Big Brother tells her to remain in the Diary Room until she calms down.

· Cristian, Chloe and Jade talk about Marc and Cristian thinks they should give him a chance. Jade is not so sure and says: ‘He’s like that twenty four seven.’

· Marc is called to the Diary Room and is asked by Big Brother if he thinks his comment was appropriate. He agrees that it was not and that he will consider Housemates’ feelings before speaking. Big Brother makes sure that Marc understands.

· As Marc leaves the Diary Room, Jade asks if he got a warning and Marc replies: ‘Don’t be nosy.’

Big Brother continues at 9pm.

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