Day 19: Jessica is set a secret mission by Big Brother

Jessica has been set a secret mission by Big Brother! Take a look..
Jessica is called to the diary room for a secret task. Big Brother tells her that Nicola will be set a secret task; Nicola will have to carry out a series of secret missions based on her opinions of the housemates. However the real task will be Jessica’s, she will be given an earpiece and Big Brother will tell her first what Nicola’s secret missions will be.

Jessica will have to secretly discuss with the rest of the house, what Nicola’s predictions will be. If Jessica and the rest of the house predict Nicola’s decisions correctly, the house will win a pamper hamper

• Nicola choses Jedward as the most unreasonable for not flushing the toilet, Jessica predicts correctly
• Nicola picks Jedward as the housemate most desperate for airtime, Jessica picks Kim.
• Nicola selects Kim as least deserving her place in the Big Brother house, Jessica guesses correctly
• Nicola apologises to Kim for picking her as the least deserving housemate, Kim understands it was part of a task

Housemates are rewarded a pamper hamper for passing the task

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