Day 19: Sam Faiers given medical attention for allergic reaction

Sam in the living roomIMAGE PROVIDED BY CHANNEL 5The Daily Star reports that TOWIE star Sam was treated in the Diary Room due to an allergic reaction

Last night, Sam was given medical attention in the Diary Room after her face ‘swelled up like a balloon’. It is believed that Sam suffered an allergic reaction.

‘The poor girl looked like something from a horror movie, like an alien,’ a show source said about Sam, who first noticed signs of illness when her nose began to run uncontrollably. ‘She is so used to looking sexy and glam that she was really shaken and so were the other housemates.’

A Spokesperson for Celebrity Big Brother said: Big Brother can confirm that Sam did not leave the Big Brother house. She was treated over the weekend in the diary room for a medical issue of a personal nature, after treatment she was free to leave the diary room and join the other housemates.’

After a plaster was applied to her face, Sam was monitored by the medical staff until the symptoms stabilised and she was ready to go back into the house, with a team waiting on stand-by as a precaution.

This is the second health issue Faiers has suffered in the house, after previously complaining of an upset stomach.


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  1. emma was tv gold says

    It is the only “reaction” to have come out of her!!! Her task with Ollie (looked edited and it looked like it was, at least in part reshot, as the props bag only seemed to hold 1 thing and when she took out the “shoes” she knew they were shoes as she opened the bag – even though we were told by the voice over they did not know what was in the bag) saw her only say a couple of words with ollie having to drive the dialogue.
    However it may be Sam is the “Sophie” in that she has been more active but not controversial enough to make the 1 hour highlights show – and when she is on there she is only seen being in the background or as a “support” to the center of attraction of the clip.
    Whatever the reason, I would prefer Sam to leave over Jim or Liz as she has been less “active” to either of them in the highlight shows.

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