Day 19: Toya confronts Housemates after power twist

Toya yesterday confronted her Housemates about what they heard during the power twist

Yesterday, Big Brother set Toya and Matthew a secret task as the Power Couple. They would be able to watch the nominated Housemates’ VT’s and then would have a dinner in the pod along with a screen to watch the other Housemates and ear pieces to listen in on their conversations.

Last night, Toya took to the group and confronted them about what she heard.

“Oh yeah there was something else as well but obviously Matt’s not going to say it I am” said Toya.

“I don’t care I was about to say it.” commented Matthew.

But I will because I’m up for nomination anyway so I’ll just say it because I don’t really give a s**t, so basically today when we were up there.”

Mark was the next Housemate to join in with the conversation, warning Toya about what she was saying.  “Toya don’t say something you’re going to regret.” he said.

‘I’m not going to regret it, it’s the truth! We heard everything that was discussed this afternoon. We had earpieces and we had a screen. Every single thing that was said in this house this afternoon when we was up there, we heard everything. Yeah we heard every single conversation, everything that was said.’

“I’m glad” said Marlon, who Toya then started to argue with – following the clash over nominations the night before.
“You didn’t say anything interesting’.

‘You’re not anything interesting to be talked about’.

‘Marlon just grow up, it’s embarrassing.’
‘You’re embarrassing’.

‘Marlon I know that you need this to validate you. I know you need an audience, a mirror, a camera just to validate you but darling you are going about it the wrong way and you need to grow up. Marlon the reason we can’t comment on your VT is because it’s so embarrassing.’ Toya told Marlon.

‘You’re embarrassing, you’re embarrassing, you look embarrassing. Have you ever looked…I’m not even going to go there. Look in the mirror.’

‘Marlon you want fame, you want validation because all you’re friends are successful. You want a jacket business, you’re just so confused it’s embarrassing.’

‘And you’re stable? You’re clearly not stable you don’t know what the f**k you want. Moving on, because you are boring. You are a bore, you are a bore, you are a bore. True colours coming out again, true colours coming out again. You can’t physically talk so you go personal, you have no vocabulary. You want to talk personal because you can’t talk the truth so stop chatting sh** because if you want to go personal I’ll rip you apart. Right, exactly, because you haven’t got no vocabulary so you want to go personal. Simple as that you’re true colours are coming out.’ Marlon retaliated, defending himself against Toya.

Mark took it upon himself to intervene with the argument and try and clear the air. ‘The pair of you leave it, you’re never going to be fu**ing best mates, just leave it at that.’

‘He’s embarrassing.’

‘Don’t embarrass yourselves, both of you just leave it as it is.’

‘At twenty two years old I already had a law degree and I already went to law school. At twenty two, works in optics, I mean speaks for itself really.’

You can see the argument on Channel 5 tonight at 10pm.

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  1. Helen says

    Law degree…….please. That woman does not have a degree of any kind. You cannot have a degree and not know the meaning of Veto. My best bet would she walked past a solicitor’s office one day somewhere in Nigeria. It’s just cringe worthy.

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