Day 2: Helen gets a pass to the final, Pauline given killer nomination

Pauline has used her power once again – and granted a pass to the final to one Housemate. 

Earlier tonight, Big Brother called Pauline back to the control room to take part in the second part of her power trip. After deciding on who to reward and punish last night, she was told that she would have to make a decision to change a Housemates life forever.

Iris – the controller in the Control Room – told Pauline that she would watch the remaining 6 Housemates enter the Big Brother House tonight, and after they had all entered she would have to decide on the big decision.

Her decision was to give one Housemate a pass to the final – meaning they’d be immune from every eviction and be guaranteed to stay in the Big Brother House until the final day. She decided to give the pass to Helen.

Then, the 15 Housemates in the House were called to the Garden where a clear box had been placed. Helen was instructed by Big Brother to step into the box. Big Brother then told Helen that she had a pass to the final.

Iris then informed Pauline that on Sunday, Nominations would take place for the first time and that she would be immune from eviction. Iris also told her that she would have a killer nomination in which she would choose a Housemate to face eviction every week in the House.

Big Brother: Power Trip continues at 9:30pm tomorrow with the first full highlights show, and is followed by Bit on the Psych.

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