Day 2: Housemates spend their first evening in the House

Find out what the Housemates got up too on their first evening in the House..

Austin gossips with Natasha about Housemates Farrah and Jenna and their involvement with porn and sex tapes. Groups already start to form in the house. Natasha tells Austin, “I have a feeling it’s going to be us against you guys.” However Austin says he “doesn’t like any of them” when discussing the USA Housemates. Natasha tells Austin to give the American Housemates a chance.

As the UK housemates celebrate the victory, Jenna and Tila reminisce about old times – “I knew you from Myspace days, I knew you said some shit on me” and carries on to say, “you know girls, they remember everything.”
Austin comes to the Diary Room to speak about the other housemates and in particular his dislike for Farrah – “I have seen Farrah on television and I was very very disgusted with her behaviour…she’s just an annoyance, a botherance, she is like a tick on a Labrador.”

While Stevi and Chloe Jasmine have a heart to heart, Chloe Jasmine tells Stevi, “I will try and look after you.” James and Jenna discuss the porn career she shared with her ex- husband – “when I was with a man I only worked with my husband…there is nothing more amazing than connecting on film.” She adds, “we built this business together and he realised I wasn’t going to be doing movies anymore and he knew that this was a lucrative thing, so he was like ok, well maybe I’m gonna try and boom he got into it.”

Big Brother invites the Housemates into the bedroom to select their beds while Farrah, Scoop and Daniel are still in the tower. Scoop isn’t happy. He says, “save me a damn single bed, cause nobody wants to sleep with me.. I’m telling you that.” Tila and James flirt as they find out they are sharing a bed

Jenna comes to the Diary Room to talk about the housemates – “it’s already starting to show itself, who’s going to be the crackpots and who’s going to be solid.” She says, “Austin is a complete attention whore and that won’t last long.”

Back in the bedroom Tila and James carry on flirting, Austin comes in the room and Tila says, “I wanna have sex with you before this is all over.. I wanna have sex with a gay guy, see if I can change your mind.” Tila tells James, “you know what, you Brit boys can never handle me.” Scoop, Farrah and Daniel get released from the tower and tension rises as Austin tells Farrah, “you look like an absolute bitch on that show.” Austin apologises for getting Farrah wrong, saying “I’m sorry because you seem like a really nice girl.”

Sherrie talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room about winning the first challenge ‘I’m glad we won tonight, it’s just brilliant, raising the flag.” She speaks about the Americans fighting back saying, “they are ready to come back at us but we will be ready for them.”

Farrah speaks to Jenna about the other USA housemates – “if you’re on the American side and you are already against me, you’re not American enough.” Jenna and Farrah confide in each other. James and Austin spark a bromance as they share a bath.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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