Day 2: Saira given immunity from first CBB eviction

Saira has won immunity from the first Celebrity eviction.

During last night’s launch show on Channel 5, Biggins was voted by the public to become the Secret Boss. What he doesn’t know is that Housemates are aware he is the boss and must try to get nominated by him, as being nominated will mean they will win immunity from the first eviction.

As Housemates were aware of this fact, it was up to them to try and get themselves nominated for eviction. Big Brother called Biggins to the Diary Room and told him that it was time to make his first nomination. Big Brother informed him that this should be done through giving the Housemate he wanted to nominate a kiss on the lips. Housemates are let into the secret

In attempt to get nominated by the Secret Boss, Saira reveals to Biggins that she doesn’t think she can ‘last in the house’ and is ‘missing her kids’.

As part of his secret task to nominate a housemate, Biggins gives Saira a kiss on the lips. Big Brother announces to the house that the Secret Boss has nominated Saira. Saira tells some of her housemates that she is playing the game, Heavy D tells her she has ‘been genius’

In the diary room, Biggins reveals it’s ‘not easy’ being the Secret Boss.

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