Day 2: TASK: Duchess Dee

Dee has been turned into royalty, and the task continues today

Butler Service

The Duchess of Solihull is brought her breakfast by her Butler.

Today everyone’s suitcases will arrive. But Dee’s won’t be a suitcase – instead she will receive two more, regal trunks.

Inside this case there are furs (fake of course), clothing and other items fitting a Duchess of her standing.
When her trunks arrive she will not unpack these herself; she will ask one of your less regal Housemates to do it for her.

Dog Days
The Duchess has a visit from her two corgis, Daniel and Holly. Her butler brings them into the Garden on a leash for her to have a play with.

Rumour Mill
For today’s task, and in order to get to know each other a little better, Big Brother is asking the Housemates to sniff out the truth from the falsehood.

In the Garden is a large printing press. When cued by Big Brother a Housemate will turn the lever to start the press. Two copies of the CBB Times newspaper will then be delivered.

Each of the newspapers will have a different headline related to that Housemate. One headline will be true. One headline will be false.

It is the job of the other Housemates to decide which headline is a tabloid truth and which is tabloid trash. The newspaper they deem to be a tabloid truth must be placed on a news stand. The newspaper they decide is tabloid trash should be thrown in the bin.

Big Brother will then reveal whether they have chosen correctly. Then the Housemate in question will explain the story behind the headline.

This will be repeated until every Housemate has received two newspapers.

If Housemates identify enough headlines correctly they will win a reward.

Award Ceremony

Big Brother is giving the Duchess the chance to award the title of Viscount of Solihull to one of the Housemates she is hoodwinking.

If they accept this award in good grace and really believe they have become the honorary Viscount of Solihull, Dee will have passed the task – and can return to life as Dee from Birmingham.

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