Day 2: Tensions begin to rise between Farah and Natasha

The Housemates have only been in the House for one day and tensions have already started to grow…

Housemates have been in the House for a matter of hours before tensions start to grow during tonight’s show. After last night’s twist which saw Farah, Scoop and Daniel sent to the tower, Farrah picks up a water bottle and says “you know what I wanna do with this water bottle? Hit a bitch.”

Scoop isn’t happy about being in the tower and Farrah talks about Natasha, saying “if I stay in the house, she really gonna be sad” and “I don’t know her name because I don’t watch her like she watches me.” Scoop tries to defuse the situation – “this is how I live my life, if you’ve gotta problem, it’s not for tonight, it’s for them to be partying and us to be up here with nothing.”

In the garden, Natasha talks to the housemates up in the tower. Farrah and Natasha begin to argue and Natasha says, “it’s always the bitch that kicks off.” Farrah tells Scoop and Daniel, “I think I should just write her off, she is dead to me.”

Natasha comes to the Diary Room to speak about her first evening in the house, saying, “I’ve not even had a peaceful hour in the house.” On Farrah, she says, “I’m not going to hold a grudge but it could prove to be a bit sticky between us two.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with a live special where Bobby Davro and Janice Dickinson will enter the House.

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